It really struck me one day… there is no place to go for a detailed book review, much less one that you can trust. The only thing that even vaguely qualifies as a book review is thos user comment reviews on Amazon.com and the like. And most of those are complete crap. A user usually manages to sum up a 500pg. book into just a couple sentences, and quite often in very broken English and with scattered thoughts. And on top of it all, you can get a book that appears to be very good, and have it still not be what you’re looking for.

How many times have you spent $50 on a book only to have it rehash the same old material, and have only a couple useful chapters?

My goal is simple. I want to tell you what the book is actually about, and whether it’s for you or not. When you read my reviews, you’ll know exactly what the book is about, what level it’s for, what every chapter teaches, and how well it explains its topic.

That is my promise to you.

Everyone won’t agree with my review of a title, but those of you who find that we think alike will come to rely on these reviews. Those of you who don’t agree with me will find that you will begin to know how I think, and you may still be able to make a decision by choosing the opposite of what I recommend.

-Sean McCown, Sean@MidnightDBA.com

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