Guest Review: Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard


This review is courtesy of guest blogger Michael J Swart (blog, Twitter), who happened to buy the same keyboard that Sean and I bought, at around the same time. Thanks, Michael!

Score: 4/5

A couple weeks ago, I purchased the Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and I’m really really happy with the purchase. I’ve actually never used any of Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboards before and I’m wondering why I took so long. I actually wore the bumps off of the f and j keys on my old keyboard and that’s what prompted me to look for a new one.

Good things

  • It’s takes up less space than the earlier ergonomic keyboards.
  • The buttons are shallow.
  • It’s wireless. Even the number pad is wireless and totally detached. It makes it look like a calculator. I think that’s on purpose,  there are two calculator keys on this thing :-S
  • The nicest thing about the detachable keypad is that you can move it away (or even put it in a drawer) although, I do like an enter key at the bottom right.
  • My hands already know where almost all the keys are. I’m typing faster than I ever have before.
  • It’s beautiful, It’s so pretty. And it’s the small things too. Even the battery cover is magnetic and really slick (batteries included of course).
  • I saw one guy complain about this thing taking up a USB port when he would have preferred a Bluetooth connection. Totally disagree. Requiring a Bluetooth connection would have prevented me from buying this thing.
  • There are no visual capslock, numlock or scroll lock indicators. That’s on screen now. By the way, I think it’s about time that Microsoft ditched the scroll lock key (maybe in favor of a third calculator key).

To interrupt Michael: We’re also fans of the mouse. It’s a nice ergo design (though I still usually prefer my trackball), with a scroll wheel, and a Windows key positioned near the thumb – that’s that blue patch on the mouse, you can see  in the photo. -ed.

Look how wordy I’m being! That’s how much I like this keyboard. But’s it’s not entirely perfect.

Bad things

  • The only keys I have to get used to are the Home/End/PgDn/PgUp keys. They’re not where I’m used to them being and that takes some getting used to. There not in the same place as other ergonomic keyboard have them either.
  • The function keys (like my favorite Management Studio key F5) is tinier.
  • I can’t one-hand Windows+L any more to lock my computer. I had to hack together a shortcut mapped to Ctrl+Alt+L to do the same thing with one hand.
  • It was hard to find one cheap enough in a store. I found one online which didn’t include a mouse for a decent price. I definitely recommend finding one in a store to tap for a few minutes before taking the plunge.
  • It comes in any color you’d like as long as that color is black.

So that’s it. I like it, and your tastes may vary.


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