Quick Review: Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Mouse


My coworker just handed me an Anker vertical mouse to try out, saying it felt “too smal” for his hand. I’m weirded out and intrigued.

And this, coming from a convert to trackball mice.

The thing has a little USB fob, and an on/off switch. Plug it in, and it takes a few minutes to, I presume, install drivers behind the scenes. No installation process, no muss…I love that about modern devices.

It has:

  • left and right click buttons
  • clickable trackwheel
  • thumb buttons for forward/back web navigation
  • and a fifth, hard-to-reach button that doesn’t seem to be assigned anything by default.

The mouse feels very skinny, and it’s going to take me a while to get use to precision motion with my hand in a vertical position. I imagine it’ll be natural as anything in a week or so. It’s also a little bit tall for me…that’s hard to define, but  the shape of the thing is just slightly off kilter, where the heel of my hand rests on the desk. Like with any new input peripheral, I recommend you get your hands on one to test it out before buying, even if it’s just the display rack at Best Buy.

So far, so good. Good action, nice ergonomics, and a lovely velvety matte plastic feel to the surface.  I’ll give it 4/5 stars for now.


P.S. One of the reviews on Amazon said it wasn’t enough of an angle change to make a difference. I disagree. I wouldn’t want to rest my mouse hand on the desk with the forearm bones lined up with the 90 degree plane. That’d just get painful after a while.

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