Quick Review: “Unstuck” iPad App


Thanks to LifeHacker.com for the link to the free iPad app Unstuck (download from iTunes), an iPad app that helps you make decisions and get past “stuck” moments in life.

Overall rating: 5/5

The app starts you off with a nice introductory cartoon, and then digs in to your stuckness. You answer questions and rank elements of your problem, and it comes back with an analysis of what’s going on with your stuck issue right now.

For me, I chose to look at a big project I’m leading in the professional sphere, that I’ve been putting off for some time now. It’s a big project with some pretty vague parameters. Unstuck tells me that I’m acting like a lone leader, and it gives some examples – Educator John Andrew Rice, and movie character Danny Ocean, among others. This was particuarly helpful to me, as it gave me solid examples I could relate to (Danny wanted revenge against Benedict, but he couldn’t do it alone. So he gathered his criminal dream team…sounds like an excellent analogy for what I could do).

Unstuck also gave me some quotes, a percentage of the Unstuck community that’s experiencing the same thing, tips (with tie-ins to pop culture references, including links to videos and audio clips), and suggests that I rally my resources. It even gives tools to getting unstuck (in my case, the “Call in the Cavalry” tool).

Finally, you can tweet, Facebook, email, or print any of the elements of your outcome, and save up to five stuck moments privately.

In short – fairly impressive free tool!  Now, if they only made it available for Droid, too…

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