Online Movie Rentals

From time to time we feel like watching a movie but we don’t feel like going out. So we’ve started exploring our online choices. And of course, while things are better than they used to be, the choices are still fairly limited. Today I’m going to talk about our experiences with NetFlix and Amazon Instant Video.

We’ve been on Netflix for around 3yrs or so and while the DVD service was ok, the online service is much more convenient. However, trying to watch anything decent on Netflix is difficult. It seems that whatever movie we try to watch isn’t available online. Oh sure, they’ve got quite a few titles, but nothing we’re really interested in. And frankly we’ve stopped looking for movies on Netflix. They need to improve their selection or they’re going to get pushed out of the market. What Netflix does do well though is TV shows. Every TV show we’ve wanted to watch online has been there. Se we can’t give up on it just yet. And the price is right. We’re getting unlimited streaming for $8/mo.

Now, Amazon Instant Video is another story. We find the movies we’re looking for most of the time. We haven’t looked for TV shows because we’ve always found them on Netflix. But we’ve been very happy with their move selection. The cost is a bit high though. We typically pay $4/movie, and while that’s the normal video rental rate, it’s actually a bit expensive for an online service. One thing I’ll say about Amazon is that they impressed me the other day. We were watching a movie that turned out to have very bad performance. It kept stopping to buffer every couple minutes and it was hell to try to watch. And the next day we got an email from Amazon saying that they’d noticed the poor performance and they were refunding our money. They didn’t have to do that and we certainly didn’t ask for it. So kudos to Amazon for having some integrity.

It seems as though I’ve been handing out a lot of good reviews lately. I hope this trend keeps up.

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