Announcing MVP Deep Dives 2!!

Deep Dives 2!

Deep Dives 2! Click for more info

In 2010, a group of 53 SQL Server MVPs got together on a simply brilliant project: Write a chapter on anything SQL Server-related you like, put them with the other 52 chapters, publish, and donate all the proceeds to charity.

This year, they did it again. And this time, I was in on it!

Announcing the early access addition of MVP Deep Dives 2! Go take a look…chapter 37 – “Strategies for Unraveling Tangled Code” – is mine.   The hard copy of the book will be out in time for the PASS Summit in October, will be available at the onsite bookstore there, and we will have a book signing during the conference.



Deep Dives 1

Deep Dives 1 - click for more info


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