Unhappy with Droid 4.5.602.MB810.Verizon.us.US Update

I upgraded to the new Motorola Droid version last night and while I’m not having some of the horrific problems others are having with my hardware not working at all or having major glitches, there are enough things wrong that I’m fairly unhappy. And let me say this right out of the gate… I’ve hated anything Motorola for a few years now. Everything I’ve gotten from them has been a complete piece of crap. Everything from their earpieces to their phones have always been poorly thought-out and poorly put together. However, I got this because at the time it was the only Droid on the market with a really big screen. So anyway here’s my journey through my Droid upgrade.

Unlike many in the forums out there, my Droid upgraded without issue, so I’m glad about that. My troubles started once it came back up though. For starters they’ve put in these new icons that I don’t recognize and they’ve switched their places so nothing is where my thumb is used to finding it. And of course it won’t let me move any of them. And on my homepage it doubles up on things I’ve already got on there so now I’ve got them twice because I’m already used to where they are and I don’t want to learn a new location.

Next is the color scheme. I’m in IT and I do 24/7 support. And when I get a call or email in the middle of the night, I want to be able to read it without blinding myself in the dark. Only Motorola has chosen to take away the dark theme and there’s no way to set system colors. So now whenever I look at my phone in the dark I’m blinded. There’s just no way around this. This really sucks and I’d like to talk to the dev who thinks everyone wants the same colors on their phone. Even the cheapest phones these days let you change all your colors. Motorola, seriously get with it.

They also didn’t update the help files. How the hell can I see how to do something in the new OS if the help files weren’t upggraded with it. For instance, there are profiles I can apparently choose from, but I can’t find any way to create a new profile or even see the properties of the current profile.

And of course with the previous update I was forced to have Madden Football on my phone just sitting there eating up resources. I don’t like football and I don’t want it anywhere near my phone, but again some brainiac at Motorola thought that everyone HAD to have it on their phone. That’s not the only ridiculous app I’m stuck with either. Guys grow up already. Everybody doesn’t like everything you like.

And of course the worst of my issues so far is that several of my contacts were deleted. And there doesn’t seem to be any real pattern to it. Some of them came in from Exchange, some came in from twitter, and others were entered directly into the phone. But the one they they all have in common is that they were completely deleted. And those are just the ones I use all the time. I have no idea how many really are missing. This is ludicrous. Again, Motorola, what the hell is your problem?

The new release isn’t all bad because it does have a couple cool features. However, they were nothing I was really wishing for, and I’d give them all up to get my dark colors back. So here’s some advice for you “engineers” at Motorola. If you can’t upgrade a phone without causing so many useless problems, maybe you should go do something else instead. All of these problems are something you had to code into the product specifically. It’s not like you were trying to fix one issue and it caused your screen to turn white, or your help files to not update. You went out of your way for most of this stuff. So you’re either trying to get out of the phone business, or you’re just malicious. Which one of those 2 guys do you wanna be?

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