The Relational Database Dictionary by C.J. Date

The Relational Database Dictionary

  • Author: C.J. Date
  • Softcover: 122 pages
  • Publisher: O’Reilly(Aug 1 2006 12:00AM)
  • Book dimensions: 7.0 x 4.3 x 0.4 inches
  • ISBN: 0596527985
  • ITBookworm score: 5.0 /5

Score Reasoning

I can think of nothing else I’d want in a book of this type. It’s a perfect reference for modelers.


I often find that modeling mishaps happen from misconceptions in definitions and applications of modeling principles. This book should clear a lot of those up and give you a definitive resource for answers. The definitions may not always be understood, but they’re definitely always clear and with some good study, perfectly understandable. I’ve always been a fan of Date’s writings, and this book has made it to my permanent bookshelf. It’s small enough to carry around with you everywhere without getting in the way, or wearing you down.

Who is this book really for?

This book is for anyone who would like to either learn more about modeling, or simply would like the official definitions of modeling terms. It can be for novices who are looking to learn a thing or two, but it also gets in depth enough to cover even the most hardcore modelers.

Writing Style

It’s a dictionary so there’s really no writing style. They’re all definiteions with some examples.


This book is built very well. And it should be too considering it will probably be a resource for years to come. It took plenty of abuse and is holding up nicely.

-Sean McCown,


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